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Harley is the inspiration behind Hair of the Dog. 


Harley was dumped with her son at a common dump site near the Devore Animal Shelter in Muscoy. It was clear that Harley had been used for breeding her entire life. Given her physical state, we are fairly certain that she had a litter shortly before being dumped, and our suspicion is that those puppies did not fare well. Realizing that Harley was too old to give them healthy puppies, they threw her out as if she was yesterday’s garbage.


Harley was a backyard dog to a backyard breeder, never stepping foot inside a house...


Hair of the Dog is a foster based non-profit animal rescue, committed to rescuing homeless, abandoned, and at-risk large breed senior dogs, and ensuring that they spend their golden years in homes with families who love them.


There is an ever-growing plight of homeless animals being surrendered to shelters and dumped on the streets. Senior dogs are particularly at risk as they get adopted at a significantly lower rate. Taking longer to get adopted, if at all, means that these senior dogs suffer longer at the shelter. 


At Hair of the Dog, our mission is to provide safe and loving homes for these large breed senior dogs who have been displaced from their homes or abandoned, and ensure that they spend their golden years in homes with families who love them.


We can't do what we do without fosters like you. 

Since we are a foster based rescue organization, we do not have a shelter facility or physical location. We depend solely on foster families to care for our rescue dogs while we find loving forever homes for them.


Our foster program is designed to help dogs from local shelters get a second chance at finding a home, a chance they may not receive at a shelter. However, when we are looking to rescue a dog, we cannot do so unless a foster home is available so please consider opening your heart and home to a foster dog. 

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