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Annie Berlin is not only a distinguished attorney but also the visionary founder of Hair of the Dog. Her journey into the realms of law and animal welfare is deeply rooted in a personal history that is both poignant and inspiring.

Annie's deep connection to animals and her unwavering commitment to their welfare can be traced back to her childhood. When she and her family fled USSR, Annie's family emigrated with their beloved family dog, Sven. Despite being stateless refugees traversing across Europe, they ensured that Sven was by their side at all times, even if that meant riding with Sven in the train's luggage compartment.

This profound experience instilled in Annie a deep sense of responsibility towards animals. It is this compassion and dedication that fueled her to start "Hair of the Dog." Annie's life story is a testament to the power of resilience, kindness, and the enduring bond between humans and their animal companions.



Janett's journey in the rescue community spans over two decades, marking her as a seasoned advocate for animals in need. With a heart as vast as her experience, she has been instrumental in more than 200 rescues, specializing in cases that many would shy away from, including hospice care, severe medical issues, and challenging behavioral rehabilitation. Her expertise isn't limited to just one breed; she's worked with a mosaic of them, finding a special place in her heart for senior dogs. Janett sees the unparalleled charm in these wise, aged companions, valuing their distinct personalities and the profound reward that comes from nurturing them back to health and happiness.


Janett's commitment extends beyond rescue, as she has personally funded spaying and neutering for numerous community pets, addressing the root of overpopulation with both generosity and foresight. Her passion for animal welfare is taking a new direction as she embarks on a law school journey. This bold step is fueled by her desire to effectuate more significant changes in animal welfare laws and to provide robust protection for those who advocate on behalf of animals.


Janett currently has five dogs, four rats, and three cats of her own, and that does not include the rotating door of fosters. Janett's Instagram handle is "dogaholicangel" and she is just that.  Janett's dedication to the cause is a beacon of hope, proving that with enough love and determination, making a difference in the lives of animals is not just possible but deeply fulfilling.







Inshi is a beacon of resilience and compassion, whose life story is a testament to the strength of the human spirit. As a devoted mother to two teenage children, Inshi has navigated the complex journey of parenthood with grace and determination. Her entrepreneurial spirit shines through her successful vegetarian catering company, where she combines her love for wholesome, plant-based food with her innate desire to nurture and care for others.

Beyond her professional achievements, Inshi holds a profound love for animals, a passion that was once stifled by the constraints of her past. Having survived domestic violence, she faced unjust restrictions from her abusive husband, including being denied the joy of having a pet. However, Inshi's spirit remained unbroken, and upon escaping this tumultuous relationship, she and her children embraced freedom in its most heartwarming form – a rescue dog named Penny.

Penny was not just a dog, she was the glue that bonded Inshi's family together during their most challenging times. This furry hero brought laughter, comfort, and unconditional love to a household that had seen too many tears. Penny's presence marked the beginning of a new chapter for Inshi and her children, one where love, safety, and happiness were no longer just distant dreams but everyday realities.


Inshi's journey is a powerful reminder of the healing power of love – be it from a mother, a child, or a four-legged friend. Through her experiences, Inshi embodies the essence of resilience, showing the world that it is possible to emerge from darkness into a life filled with light, love, and a dog named Penny.



From an early age, Dija and her mother were the unsung heroes of their neighborhood, taking in and caring for dogs, cats, squirrels, birds, and the like. Growing up, their home was always filled with rescue animals, something that Dija has carried over into adulthood. 

One of Dija's more recent and memorable rescues involved an injured pigeon on the streets of Paris. With her heart set on saving this feathered friend, Dija welcomed it into her home, undeterred by the challenges she would face. This act of kindness came with an unexpected twist - her entire home became infested with pigeon flies. This would have deterred most people, but not Dija. Dija's spirit remained unbroken. She nursed that pigeon back to health and set him free to poop on the streets of Paris. 

At the heart of of Dija's life are her three rescue dogs, Oliver, Moska, and Seven, and two rats, Mayble and Charlie. Each one of these animals has brought a unique blend of joy, chaos, and unconditional love, reinforcing her belief in the power of rescue. Dija's unwavering dedication to animal welfare and her capacity to find humor in the face of adversity make her a true inspiration. Through her actions, she teaches us the importance of compassion, resilience, and the joy that comes from giving second chances to those in need. 







​Melissa Cardenas embodies the spirit of transformation, channeling her passion for justice from the corridors of law to the heart of animal welfare. As a former attorney, Melissa spent years advocating for employees in disputes against their employers, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to fairness and equity. 


Melissa's advocacy for animal began at an early age. When she was a child, her father would not allow their family Labrador Retriever into the house. Even though it was commonplace for dogs to live outdoors back then, Melissa knew better.  She would sneak the dog into the house ever chance she got, and she made her father build a dog house on their patio equipped with a lush dog bed, heating, and all the thrills. 


Her profound love for animals, particularly French Bulldogs and Pugs, has been a constant source of joy and inspiration in her life. Melissa has found a unique platform that marries her professional skills with her personal convictions, allowing her to fight for animal welfare with the same fervor she once reserved for human clients. Her story is a powerful reminder that passion, when channeled into action, can lead to meaningful change, both in the lives of animals and the humans who care for them.

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