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Female, 8 years old, 75 pounds


Lucy is a white Doberman who was rescued from a shelter upstate. She was used for breeding, crammed inside a crate or tied up outside her entire life. When Lucy first came to us, she was terrified and shell-shocked. She was afraid to walk into a different room, never mind outside. She had to be carried to and from her vet visits. But with time and love, Lucy has blossomed. She gets excited to go for walks, no carrying necessary. While Lucy can be shy and timid in new environments, she is becoming more confident and adventurous with every coming day.

Lucy is sweet, loving, and docile. Lucy loves people. She asks for pets from every person she meets. She is also good with dogs. She is currently in a home with four other dogs, three of whom are also female Dobermans.


Lucy has just started to experience what life has to offer. While Lucy has come a long way, she still has a lot of learning to do. Overcoming a lifetime of abuse is no easy feat, but Lucy is soaring. Lucy just needs love, time, and patience. Lucy will make a perfect companion for anyone who is willing to give her the time and patience she so very much deserves. 





Female, 6 years old, 65 pounds

Zoe is a petite Dobie who was rescued from a shelter upstate. Zoe came into the shelter covered in ticks and with significant perineal swelling which turned out to be a bilateral perineal hernia. She had surgery to repair the hernias and, we are happy to report, that she has fully recovered. You can tell that this girl has been through a lot. Despite everything, Zoe has the sweetest disposition. She loves people and loves pets, as in getting pets! She is also dog friendly! She wants to play with every dog she sees.

While Zoe is playful, she is not rambunctious. She has a very calm disposition aka a couch potato. Zoe just wants to hang out on with you on the couch with her head near or on you. In addition to her even-keeled temperament, Zoe is extremely smart. Zoe will make the perfect companion for almost any home, as long as it doesn't have cats - she is not a fan.