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Ranger is a Doberman who was found on the streets of Ontario over 4th of July weekend, and brought to a local shelter. Even though Ranger was not a senior, we could not leave him in the shelter. You have to meet Ranger to truly appreciate how special he is. He is a big boy but he is all love. He is a total and complete love bug. Ranger loves people, loves other dogs, and most of all, loves life. 


Ranger is now living in Northern California, and his best friend is a ten pound Yorkie. Despite their obvious size difference, they are thick as thieves. 



Hiro is a Shepherd mix who was placed in a home by one of our founders before Hair of the Dog came into existence. Hiro was doing great in the home, but his owners had a two acre yard that was not completely fenced in. Hiro kept getting out, through no fault of his own, and the neighbor threatened to shoot him next time it happened. Not wanting to give up their family member, but also not wanting to see any harm come to Hiro, his owners surrendered him to our rescue.  

Hiro is a big goofy puppy who just loves life. He loves to play with all of the dogs at home and is very gentle with them, no matter how small or big they are. He is excited to greet every person everywhere.


Hiro was not with our rescue very long until someone snagged him up, which was no surprise to us. Hiro has a new home with a new family and a completely fenced in yard. He is creating new memories and new adventures. 



Lala is a young and energetic Dobie, who is full of love. She loves people. She loves dogs. She just loves life!  She wants to play with everyone.

Lala was pushed out of a van and dumped at an abandoned house.  To think that Lala was thrown out like trash. Well, one man's trash is another man's treasure. Lala (who is now named Ruby) is loved and adored by her new family. She is getting all the love and cuddles she deserves. Lala has a new Maltipoo sister named Roxy who she gets to play with all day. Lala is definitely living her best life.